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We've worked on every part of the software life cycle, on every technology stack and we've picked up a thing or two about technical QA having worked with some of the most cutting edge companies in the world...

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Why EmpowermentQE?

The real time software industry demand robust Quality Assurance and Testing activities that are precise, while at the same time they are faced with the pressure of increasing competition and cost cuts. As your chosen partner we provide both the technical proficiency and quality focus will help tackle these pressures.

Our consultants are exposed to a range of technologies: Oracle RAC, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, Corba, AXE10, PlexC, C++, Java, OSA Parlay, Parlay-X, SS7, published protocols (e.g. RFC 5724 (SMS)) and bespoke protocols. We know the engineering approaches required to the design, implementation, testing and commissioning of complex embedded software systems. By examining each phase of the approach we can define a Quality Appropriate Approach that will increase competitiveness and maximize resources.

Services include:

  • Test and project management.
  • QA strategies
  • Complex test environment installation and management
  • Static testing.
  • Protocol interface testing.
  • Middleware interface testing.
  • Design, build and maintenance of automated tests on commercial, open source and bespoke tools.
  • Negative testing.
  • Fault tolerant testing.
  • Performance testing.
  • Security testing.

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EQE are dependable.. quality and client focused... performed their engagement efficiently and delivered on their commitment... willing to go the extra mile. COO, Telecoms.